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BO Series

Industrial Intelligent UAV

A Universal Flying Platform BO Series UAVs support many applications for upgrading traditional industry, including plant protection, fire control, accident & traffic monitoring, rescue, wind turbine/high voltage power line inspections, aerial filming, logistics, surveying and mapping, etc.

Great Endurance & Stable Flight Its foldable propeller is manufactured with carbon fiber, light but strong.
Rapid deployment only spends 1 minute, and duration time is 25 minutes.
Resist rain. Wind resistance of level 6-7.
Resistance of strong electromagnetic interference.
Specially distributed power supply technology.
Hovering and landing deviation is less than 0.3 meter.
Intelligent navigation can continue reliably, if GPS failed.

Excellent Safety & Reliability Have double/multi-sensor redundancy design.
Intelligent remote sensing, it can full-automatically take off and land with a simple press of the button.
In accordance with air safety regulations, we have implemented Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.
High-strength encryption processing can be so suitable for the field of geological prospecting, power line inspection, public security, fire control application.

Intelligent Binocular Vision Access to the super computer system, composing binocular vision platform, obtain the real-time data, and carry out intelligent decision. Provide a powerful target recognition, automatic obstacle avoidance, real-time 3D reconstruction, etc.

Comprehensive Solutions More than 18 channels of programmable interface fully controlling peripheral equipment.
Contain ZigBee extended communication module, the controllable flight distance is over 40 km by 1w power consumption (upgrading is available), adapt to in-plant delivery system.
Automatically multiple targets tracking and analysis, boost the efficiency of manhunt, exploration, surveying and mapping.
Through assembling mechanical arm and key equipment, BO execute patrol inspection and rescue, etc.

Performance Parameters

Name Model D700-X8L D900-X8
Body Material Carbon Fiber Composite Carbon Fiber Composite
Airframe Structure X-Type 4-Axis 8-Rotor X-Type 4-Axis 8-Rotor
Blade Size 15inch 16inch 17inch 17inch 18inch 19inch
Diagonal Wheelbase 760mm 900mm
Foldable Propeller Yes Yes
Retractable Landing Gear Yes Yes
Aluminum Alloy by Precision CNC Yes Yes
The Number of Rotor 8 8
Brightness Adjustment Configurable Configurable
Flight Maximum Take-off Weight 14kg 18kg
Total Weight (Without Batteries) 4kg 4.5kg
Power Battery Lipo6s10000 - 20000mAh20C Lipo6s10000 - 20000mAh20C
Battery Built-in Heating Function Configurable Configurable
Maximum Power Consumption 3600w 4000w
Hovering Power Consumption 1100w (Take-off Weight: 10kg) 1100w (Take-off Weight: 12kg)
Hovering Time 25min (15000mAh 6kg) 24min (20000mAh 9kg)
Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode) Vertical: ±0.3m Horizontal: ±1m Vertical: ±0.3m; Horizontal: ±1m
Maximum Flying Speed 30m/s 30m/s
Maximum Ascent Speed 5m/s 5m/s
Maximum Descent Speed 5m/s 5m/s
Maximum Ascent Height 3000m 3000m
Maximum Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 5000m 5000m
Flying Area Wide Area Field etc. Wide Area Field etc.
Operating Temperature -15℃ - +50℃ -15℃ - +50℃
Wind Resistance Level 6-7 Level 6-7
Rainproof Design Rainproof and Fog-proof Rainproof and Fog-proof
Remote Control Distance 3km 3km
Redundant Power Protection Yes Yes
Auto Hover Yes Yes
One Button Landing Yes Yes
One Button Landing Error Horizontal: ±1m Horizontal: ±1m Horizontal: ±1m Horizontal: ±1m
Auto Take-Off And Landing Yes Yes
The Flight Track Recorder Yes Yes
Remote Control Remote Specifications ≥9Channel; 2.4GHz ≥9Channel; 2.4GHzHz
LCD Screen Size 7inch 7inch
HDMI Output Configurable Configurable
SD HD Video Recording Configurable Configurable
Sun Visor Configurable Configurable
Communication Video Transmission Distance 10km 20km
Miniature Handheld HD Image Receiver Configurable Configurable
Antenna Matching Digital AntennaImage Transmission Antenna Digital AntennaImage Transmission Antenna
Low Noise Amplifier Yes Yes
Gimbal Weight 600g 600g
Gimbal Axis Number 2-3 2-3
Controllable Range Of Pitching/Pitch Angle +20° - -90° +20° - -90°
Angular Vibration Accuracy 0.03° 0.03°
Rotation ±145°/s ±145°/s
Pitch ±145°/s ±145°/s
Camera Type Ten Times Optical Zoom Camera Eighteen Times Optical Zoom Camera
Video Modes 1920*1080 1920*1080
Video HDMI Output Port Yes Yes
Frequency Brand width 2-8MHz 2-8MHz
Gimbal & Flight Platform Clamping Yes Yes
Carbon Fiber Rainproof Shell Yes Yes
  Ground Support Terminal Yes Yes

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