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BriSky Technology seeks to provide an innovative take on the traditional UAV industry. We develop uniquely resilient and adaptable intelligent UAVs that can be deployed to rise to any challenge. Our drones are equipped with deep learning, computer vision, and Tegra K1/X1 GPU based on integrated high-performance processing systems.

BriSky UAVs can track targets and collect information while simultaneously indentifying and avoiding obstacles on their path. Our highly independent drones’ ability to identify and analyse information on the fly and provide early warning and decision support is an invaluable asset to any mission.

BriSky UAVs have already earned a stellar reputation for their contributions in fire-fighting and marine remote sensing. We continue to strive to research and manufacture customized UAVs to meet specialized demands.

Our objective is to turn UAVs into smart flying robots capable of performing highly sophisticated tasks in field as diverse as autonomous plant protection & fire control, accident & traffic monitoring, wind turbine & high voltage power line inspections, aerial filming, logistics, surveying and mapping, etc.

BriSky is based in Beijing, China. Since our beginning in 2011, we have never stopped exploring uncharted territories. Our mission is to bring our clients more professional technologies and world-class products and services. With our innovative team of top researchers and developers and through the integration of cutting-edge advanced hardware and software technologies, we believe the sky is the future. 

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